Agden Oak Valley

Bradfield broad stretch of open countryside

Brightholmlee bright water meadow in the clearing un. the wood

Broomhead headland over grown with broom

Coumes a valley

Dungworth underground dwelling enclosure

Dwarriden dwarf valley

Ewden yew tree valley

Fairhurst pleasant wood

Hall field open country belonging to the field

Hawksworth Head Hafoc's enclosure at the head of the valley

Haychatter the hay buyer

Holdworth Halda's enclosure

Kirton Field The church town field ( old name for Bradfield)

Loxley Locc's forest glade

Midhope (land) in the middle of a valley or between valleys

Normandale (a field name in about 1720) - dale of the north men

Onesacre from the Viking personal name An. An's plott of arable land

Onesmoor An's moor

Oughtibridge Uhtgifin's bridge (womans name)

Rocher a steep rocky bank

Roysty Moor barren moor

Small Field a narrow stretch of open country

Storrs and Storthes a plantation

Strines a water channel

Thornseat fold near the thorn tree

Ughill Ugga's hill

Westnall, Westmund's nook of land (Westnall was one of the four bierlows of Bradfield)

Wightwizzle Wicga's river fork- The name refers to the land between two streams. Lee Lane Dike and Alias Lane Dike

Withamley House a willow copse in a forest clearing

Worrall nook of land where myrtle abounds


The listed names have been taken from "The Place Names of the West Riding of Yorkshire. Part I",

the English Place Name Society Publication, Vol. 30 Cambridge, 1961.

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